I’m Redecorating my Room!

Okay, so my room is not the nicest of places. I have the smallest room in my house and I have way too much stuff for it, so basically there is stuff everywhere. Not too mention that my wardrobe has been broke for years, so I’ve had no where to put my clothes.


As  you can see, my room is obviously a mess, and this is exactly why I am so excited for redecorating!SAM_0390

Now that I am starting university, my parents have finally agreed to let me redo my room; and yes, I am super excited! I am going to be having drawers instead of a wardrobe, mainly because they take up less space, and I’m having a desk for all my university work. I’m repainting my walls too! I’m going from purple to white because my room is currently very dark and that needs changing.

I may be more excited for having my room done than I actually am to start university.

I’ve got some ideas for some back-to-school (or in my case university) DIYs, and I’m going to be posting pictures of my new and improved room, but if you’ve got anything that you’d really like to see leave me a comment and I’ll see what I can do!

Rach xox

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