Popping My LUSH Cherry!

I’ve always been really intimidated by Lush stores, the smell was always so strong and there was always so many people. But yesterday on a visit to the Trafford Center, I decided enough was enough. People always rave about Lush products and they are all vegan, it was time to be brave.


Upon entering the store, I was amazed at how many different varieties of things there are. I always thought all they did was soap, but no, there is bubble bars, bath bombs, soaps, deodorants, sunscreens, shampoos and something called fun.Brightside

After thoroughly looking through everything in the store, I decided upon the Seanik shampoo bar and also the shampoo bar tin. The Comforter bubble bar and the Brightside bubble bar.SAM_0417

I have so far tried the Comforter, and let me tell you it was A-MAZ-ING. I’m not really a bath person, but I think Lush has just converted me. The bubbles themselves were actually soft and there was so many of them! It was so relaxing, especially after a sixteen hour shift at work, and it smelled simply heavenly.

One thing I do have to say negatively, is that the instructions say to crumble under hot water. That was much easier said than done. I found it incredibly difficult to crumble because it was tough. I’m obviously extremely weak! Other than that it was brilliant, and definitely the bath product I have ever tried.Seanik

I simply can not wait to try both the Seanik shampoo bar and also the Brightside bubble bar, which is good for two baths instead of just one. Brilliant.

Rach xox

2 responses to “Popping My LUSH Cherry!

  1. I have gotten three baths so far out of my Comforter bubble bar. I think that I can probably get 6 to 8 uses and my bath is frothy and pink!!!


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