We’re Getting A New Kitchen!

My family home has had the same kitchen in it since we moved in. In fact I’m fairly sure that it is older than I am.

My mum has been wanting a new kitchen for a very long time, and now we are getting one. (Which is super exciting by the way)

The new kitchen arrived flatpack a couple of days ago, courtesy of B&Q, and since then the entire family has been working non-stop to get it installed.

At the minute we don’t have much done, as we had to rip out the old kitchen before we even started with the new one; and the person who owned the house before us did not make it easy for us.

It’s been a hard weekend, especially considering we had to have the water and electricity off and had to keep running to a local supermarket whenever we wanted to use the toilet.

I will be taking pictures of our progress and then will be creating a new post with all the pictures of our new kitchen once it is fully completed. However, until then keep checking this post as I will update it with more news and pictures.


Rach xox.

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