So, I’ve basically had the same hairstyle my entire life, except from changing from a full fringe to a side fringe. However, recently I’ve been really obsessed with long bobs. (If you follow me on Pinterest you’ll know)Long BobLong Bob 3

Lily Collins is a particular inspiration for me. Her hair is so shiny and perfect and compliments her completely.Lily Collins Bob

Lily Collins Bob 2

I really like long bobs, but I have a huge fear that I won’t like it once I’ve done it. And once it’s done, it’s done. No going back.Long Bob 1

However, I do also love this long hairstyle. So I’m really torn as to what to do.

Malia Tate Hair

Please if you have any advice on what I should do, leave me a comment below. It would be such a big help.

Rach xox.

2 responses to “Hair.

  1. I love the long bobs you picked out. I say just go for it. It will always grow back and there many options for extensions in the mean time


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