Blowdown To Christmas: Tomorrow Is December 1st!

We all know what that means: ITS OFFICIALLY NEARLY CHRISTMAS!!!

I’m from a family that doesn’t decorate for Christmas too early in the year (no matter how much I really want to) as we always think that it drags out the time till Christmas.

However, now that December is practically upon us, I can finally start decorating. Well my room as least. And I am so excited for it this year.

I honestly can not wait to start making my bedroom all festive as it makes me so happy.

I’m going to have more decorations in my room that I have ever had in the past and I will be posting a blog once I have decorated everything so that everyone else can join in my festive fun!

But until I can decorate my bedroom, I have done the next best thing and that is light some Christmas scented candles. This one that I have taken a picture of is the Christmas Eve Yankee Candle and I’ve had it for ages but I lost it. It was rediscovered when I redecorated my room and it was probably the best find of the lot.


What do you guys do to make yourselves feel festive before it’s time decorate? I’d really like to know so maybe I can quench my thirst for festivity!

Rach xox.

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