Pain Is My Middle Name!

In a recent post you will have learnt that I’m incredibly accident prone. As a result, I have gone through lots and lots of pain in my life.
Although all them injuries I’ve sustained throughout my life are nothing compared to the pain of pancreatitis.
I have also experienced this pain through much of my life but I wasn’t aware of what is was until I was around 14. Pancreatitis is extremely rare in people of that age, but of course I had it!!
I’m posting about this simply because lately I’ve been experiencing pancreatitis like crazy, and lets just say I’d forgotten how much it actually hurt and I need something to distract myself from the pain!
Also, I know not many people suffer with pancreatitis but if there is anyone that is reading this post that is, please reach out to me!
I think it’s about time that we teamed up to teach people about pancreatitis and to help people understand what we have to go through!

Rach xox.


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