Reaching Out To Fellow Sufferers!

I know I’ve been absent for a while (and this is becoming a common thing with me) but my health has just been on a rollercoaster ride (that mainly goes down) and I just haven’t been able to keep up with writing for my blog. In fact most days all I’ve been doing is writhing around in bed in pain.

I’ve been in and out of hospital and no-one seems to know what is causing my pancreatitis! Considering I don’t fit the bill for the common causes or even the uncommon causes! No-one can help me and I feel like I’ve been put on the “she’s a lost cause” pile!

Thanks for sticking by me through this difficult time, and I’ll make sure to post again when I have a ‘this is bearable pain’ day!

Rach xox.

4 responses to “Reaching Out To Fellow Sufferers!

  1. Hi! Hope you’re feeling better. What uncommon causes have they ruled out?


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