Review: Cybernatural.

unfriendedI’ve never really been a big fan of horror movies, but considering I’m a huge Shelley Hennig fan (so happy that she’s now in Teen Wolf too!!), I decided to try and stick out this one.

Basically I’m a wuss and at times, I was hiding behind my blanket for parts of the film that were basically not scary at all, and when the scary parts actually rolled around I was taken completely off guard.

I have to say, even though I’m a complete wimp when it comes to horror, I thought Cybernatural was actually pretty good.

The plot was pretty thorough but not totally unpredictable as I guessed what was gonna happen pretty early on in the film, but that didn’t make it worse in any way (at least I had some idea how scared I was gonna be) as because of my complete lack of guts of any kind; I at least had a rough idea what was going to happen and that enabled me to actually stick it out until the end of my first horror film!

This is a definite watch as the ‘Cybernatural’ scene is very up and coming so it’s definitely a good idea to see where it all started out!!

Rach xox.

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