Hayley Atwell – The New Doctor Who?!

Hayley Attwell has stated she’d like to be the first female Doctor Who!
Agent_Carter_s_Hayley_Atwell_wants_to_be_the_Doctor___this_is_not_a_drillLet’s just say that the above image is something I would definitely like to see!
I can honestly say a female Doctor Who didn’t particularly interest me, but with Hayley Atwell in the blue box who can resist?

For those of you who don’t know, Hayley Atwell plays Agent Peggy Carter in FOX’s Agent CarterΒ and also inΒ Captain America: The First Avenger.Β Atwell did a great job as Agent Carter, and I think she would bring something truly unique to Doctor Who. Hayley would make the most badass Doctor around!!

Here’s hoping that Moffat and his crew listen to the online community and realise that this is an opportunity they simple can’t pass up!!

Rach xox.

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