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My first exam…

Had my first exam of my final year at university yesterday. I was completely terrified before I took it but felt really happy as I was leaving.

Everything went really well, I felt well prepared and could answer the questions to the best of my ability.

Hope my other 2 exams go well, and I also hope that if anyone else is going through their exams too that they are going well for you!!

Rach xox.

Fending for myself..

This week, I have been dog sitting and house minding with my boyfriend while his parents are on holiday.

I have never had so much fun and felt so relaxed. It has given me a chance to experience being on my own away from my own parents and having to actually do things for myself.

Mainly now though I simply can’t wait to get my own place with my own puppy!!

Rach xox.

Stuck in a crisis..

Since being a teenager my life goal has been to be a veterinarian. In recent years, after a rejection from university and increasing student fees, I’m finding it difficult to believe that I will get there (unless of course, I help out an old lady on the street who turns out to be a millionaire and donates me £40,000).

My issue is I’ve been so focused on being a vet that I have absolutely no back up plan and now I have no idea what I want to do with my life.

Anybody else had this issue and has any advice?

Rach xox.

Education, education, education.

It’s almost time for me to finish my university undergraduate degree. Just my exams left to finish and then I’m done!

The question I have now is, do I want to continue in education or do I want to find a job I love that can also lead to a career I love?

My brain says I’d like to continue education because I’ve always wanted a PhD but then again, I simply cannot find any PhDs I like the look and sound of. I can’t even find a Masters course that sounds appealing to me.

If anybody has any advice on what they did or whether they enjoyed continuing their education; please leave me a comment below to help me make my decision!

Rach xox.

Being crushed by the world..

As I am now nearing the end of my final year at university, I am starting to feel the weight of the future bearing down on me. I’m desperately searching for jobs so I can start a career that I love, I’m panicking about not making the grades I want. Freaking out about having to go to job interviews if I actually get that far.giphy.gif

Unfortunately right now this has all got me feeling pretty stressed out and down, so I’m just hoping something is going to turn my way and make everything seem less terrifying!OGe1orp.gif

If anyone has been through something like this before and has any advice then I am definitely all ears.

Rach xox.

What’s on my iPhone 7…

Just a quick post showing you guys what is on my iPhone 7.

First up I’ve got my lock screen. On my lock screen I just have an image of me and my boyfriend on a recent day out. I adore this picture so much that I just had to have it on my phone.

Then when I unlock my phone, I have all my apps on one page, all arranged into folders. The background on my home screen is of my crazy but adorable puppy, back when he had made it his life mission to find every plant pot in my garden. The apps that aren’t in folders are the ones that I use on a daily basis, such as Facebook, Instagram and the camera.
Then I have the folders which contain all my other apps.

The first of these folders is my Social folder. In here I have Snapchat, Timehop, Messenger, WhatsApp, Pages and LinkedIn, although I think I need to move WhatsApp out of here and swap it for Pinterest as I now use WhatsApp more than Pinterest.
Then I’ve got my Shopping folder which has eBay, Amazon, Boots, UNiDAYS, Groupon, Waterstones, Superdrug, Zoopla, PayPal, Starbucks, Asos, Boohoo and Mallzee.
Then I have my Utilities folder which is rammed full of apps like banking, job apps and my university app.


I then have a games folder which just has a collection of games to help fill the time when there is little to do.IMG_0427IMG_0428

In my Extras folder I have all the apps that come with the iPhone but can’t be deleted.IMG_0429IMG_0430

Then finally I have a betting folder with all the betting apps that I used when I went to the horse racing a couple of weeks ago.

So there we have everything that is on my iPhone 7. What are some apps that you can’t live without?

Rach xox.

Lets talk love…

I’m 22 years old and in my first real relationship. I met the guy around Christmas and then we became an item in January.


This is the first time in my life that I have ever imagined a future with someone and I’m excited about it. So much so that we have even booked a holiday for 5 months in the future.16508577_10210901879054752_5247421439993719681_n.jpg

I can honestly say I am well and truly smitten and so completely happy right now. I have found the man who means the world to me and I couldn’t be happier.17798923_10211406550991235_1181820018290287527_n.jpg

Here’s to a bright future.

Rach xox.