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School is over..now what?

So on the 19th May I finished my final exam at university. Since then I have been applying for jobs endlessly. In the past month I have applied for over 200 jobs.

How many have I heard back from so far?


It is so disheartening spending hours filling in application forms to not get an acknowledgment back.

I’m just hoping something comes up soon before I run out of money and/or drive myself mad.

Rach xox.

Being crushed by the world..

As I am now nearing the end of my final year at university, I am starting to feel the weight of the future bearing down on me. I’m desperately searching for jobs so I can start a career that I love, I’m panicking about not making the grades I want. Freaking out about having to go to job interviews if I actually get that far.giphy.gif

Unfortunately right now this has all got me feeling pretty stressed out and down, so I’m just hoping something is going to turn my way and make everything seem less terrifying!OGe1orp.gif

If anyone has been through something like this before and has any advice then I am definitely all ears.

Rach xox.

My Grand Return!

I know that I’ve been absent a lot recently but I’ve been super busy. Having two full time jobs and also going to university full time is a bit of a hand full and I got slightly overwhelmed and so I haven’t had time to keep up with my blog.

Luckily, I know have a few days off work so I should have some new content up for you soon so please don’t forget about me.

And please, if anyone has any advice on juggling all my commitments please give me a heads up; because at the minute, any advice would be super helpful.

Rach xox.