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Getting my university results…

A couple of days ago I received my final grade for my uni course. At first I was completely devastated. It wasn’t what I wanted, people who attended less classes than me had got better results and it threw my career aspirations completely out of the water. 

Now however, with the help of my lovely and amazing other half, I’m feeling positive and like I have opportunities still. 

Now I’m planning on furthering my education with a Masters degree and then seeing what opportunities that provides me with!! 

If anyone else is just getting exam results back and they aren’t what you were hoping for then don’t worry. Get someone to look at your opportunities from another perspective because I can guarantee they’ve seen something you haven’t. 

Until next time…

Rach xox

My first exam…

Had my first exam of my final year at university yesterday. I was completely terrified before I took it but felt really happy as I was leaving.

Everything went really well, I felt well prepared and could answer the questions to the best of my ability.

Hope my other 2 exams go well, and I also hope that if anyone else is going through their exams too that they are going well for you!!

Rach xox.

Stuck in a crisis..

Since being a teenager my life goal has been to be a veterinarian. In recent years, after a rejection from university and increasing student fees, I’m finding it difficult to believe that I will get there (unless of course, I help out an old lady on the street who turns out to be a millionaire and donates me £40,000).

My issue is I’ve been so focused on being a vet that I have absolutely no back up plan and now I have no idea what I want to do with my life.

Anybody else had this issue and has any advice?

Rach xox.

Meeting My First Deadline!!

So, I’ve got my first deadline coming up in a couple of weeks and in all honesty, I have absolutely no motivation to get it done.

I’ve so far completed about a quarter of the portfolio that I have to hand in, and I just don’t want to do anymore.

It’s not even that it’s difficult, it’s just that it’s absolutely dull and nothing at all to do with what I want to do.

Any tips on keeping motivated to meet a deadline??

Leave them below!!

Rach xox.

My Grand Return!

I know that I’ve been absent a lot recently but I’ve been super busy. Having two full time jobs and also going to university full time is a bit of a hand full and I got slightly overwhelmed and so I haven’t had time to keep up with my blog.

Luckily, I know have a few days off work so I should have some new content up for you soon so please don’t forget about me.

And please, if anyone has any advice on juggling all my commitments please give me a heads up; because at the minute, any advice would be super helpful.

Rach xox.

What Do I Want To Do With My Life?

When I was around fifteen I realised that I wanted to be a vet, and everything I did from that moment on was to achieve that dream. However, after finishing sixth form college and getting rejected from university; I started to realise that my dream may in fact be just too much of a dream.

I felt shattered and depressed and like I would never be good enough to do what I wanted to do in life.

Then last year I decided enough was enough and it was time to stop wallowing on lost dreams and get back into the education world. I have gone to university studying Biology, with the hopes to maybe go on and become a vet later on in life, and if not there are plenty of career opportunities for biology graduates.

I’ve learnt that it’s okay to have a dream and to strive for that dream, but also don’t let the weight of that dream rest on your shoulders and crush you down. Life always has plenty of opportunities and eighteen is far too young to feel like life is over because you missed out on your dream.

So please, if anybody else is feeling this way right now, know that it’s not the end of the world and things will get better. There is always hope. All you have to do is try.

Rach xox.

How I Handled First Day Stress.

It was my first day of university after having a year out due to a rejection last year. That rejection greatly knocked my confidence and had me believing that I wasn’t good enough to go to university.

Eventually, I went through the horrible process of applying again, and then before I knew it, it was time to get back into the swing of things in the education department.

My first day was terrible, I was so nervous and so scared that I would be miles out of my depth. Luckily, when I got there it seemed like everyone was feeling the same way, so at least I wasn’t alone in my thinking.

My plan for the day was basically to put in my headphones and listen to some music whenever it felt like it was too much for me to handle. This was actually a pretty good plan and I managed to stay calm for most of the day. When I was in my lecture though, this plan was not very feasible, so I just had to take a few deep breaths, concentrating on keeping them nice and even, and to think very calm and comforting thoughts to remind myself that I was okay.

With this method, I managed to make it through my first day and even make a friend or two!

Now, I have just finished my first week and I feel happier but not completely comfortable yet, but with a few more weeks I hope that I will feel much more settled and then everything will, hopefully, fall into place for me.

So if anyone is going through the same thing as me, please leave a comment below to let me know (we can get through this together) and just remember that if I can continue fighting my way through then so can anyone else.

Rach xox.