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Prison Break Season 1…

I know I’m miles behind on watching Prison Break and by miles I mean years. But I’ve finally started watching Prison Break. I have recently finished watching Season 1!

I am completely hooked on this series and I’m wondering why I waited so long to watch it!!


I know that there is only five seasons and I just know I’m going to be completely lost when I’ve finished them!!


If anyone has any ideas for shows I can watch when I inevitably fall into a black hole of sadness when I’ve finished Prison Break, please leave me a comment and let me know!!

Rach xox.

My TV Shows

Thought I’d do a quick run through of all the TV shows that I currently watch. A lot of these programmes are coming to the end of the season or are due to finish completely soon, so I’m looking for new recommendations!

  1. Supernatural
  2. Teen Wolf
  3. Shadowhunters
  4. iZombie (marathon this on Netflix if you haven’t already, you won’t regret it)
  5. The Flash
  6. Supergirl
  7. Legends of Tomorrow
  8. Prison BreakΒ (I know this is an old series, but I’ve just started marathoning it on Netflix and I’m so hooked)
  9. This Is Us
  10. Modern Family

Do any of you watch these programmes so we can freak out together?!

Any recommendations for me?

Rach xox.

Hayley Atwell – The New Doctor Who?!

Hayley Attwell has stated she’d like to be the first female Doctor Who!
Agent_Carter_s_Hayley_Atwell_wants_to_be_the_Doctor___this_is_not_a_drillLet’s just say that the above image is something I would definitely like to see!
I can honestly say a female Doctor Who didn’t particularly interest me, but with Hayley Atwell in the blue box who can resist?

For those of you who don’t know, Hayley Atwell plays Agent Peggy Carter in FOX’s Agent CarterΒ and also inΒ Captain America: The First Avenger.Β Atwell did a great job as Agent Carter, and I think she would bring something truly unique to Doctor Who. Hayley would make the most badass Doctor around!!

Here’s hoping that Moffat and his crew listen to the online community and realise that this is an opportunity they simple can’t pass up!!

Rach xox.

Starting A New Section!!

So, considering I watch a lot of TV and films, I’ve decided that maybe it’s time to start doing some little reviews of the things I watch (you know, so there’s an excuse to binge watching 3 seasons of a show in 2 days).

So the reviews will be everything from soppy rom-coms to straight up sci-fi, anything and everything that I watch really.

I just thought it would be a great idea, and something different to do. I’m not going to start off doing loads and loads of reviews, but if it’s something that people like then I might up the amount that I do.

Rach xox.

December Favourites.

So this month, well in what I have been around to witness, I have some favourites that I have been loving.

Beauty and haircare favourites:
1. First off, I’ve been obsessed with my Max Factor Clump Defy False Lash Effect mascara, particularly when it is paired with my Revlon Photoready 3D Volume mascara. As these two together actually do make my lashes look false and for me that is a miracle as I have the worst eyelashes ever.IMG_0027
2. Next up is my Lush Copperhead Shampoo bar. I haven’t used this that many as it was a birthday present (which I obviously got late, check my last post if you don’t know why) and so I have so far only used it about three times, but my hair smells amazing afterwards and feels so soft and is so shiny. The Copperhead shampoo is specifically designed for brunettes so I don’t think I could find a better shampoo if I’m honest.tumblr_ng43bs6Ksz1rl4v7vo1_500
3. My final beauty and haircare favourite of December is my Mark Hill Turn Up The Heat heat protectant. Unlike many other heat protectants that I have used in the past this one seems to protect my hair the best and also it smells amazing. I know longer have any fear of damaging my hair with heat.IMG_0028

Music Favourites:
1. First off, if I leave this out I’m doing something wrong as I am such a huge fan. So my absolute favourite music of the month of December is the McBusted album. It’s a bit crazy and not all of the songs are hits but you need to believe me when I say the McBusted boys have done a job well done. Particularly with songs Beautiful Girls Are The Loneliest, Sensitive Guy and Hate Your Guts. Many people will not have heard of this band (which is a Supergroup of the two bands Busted and McFly) as they seem to only be known in the UK.Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 20.55.25
2. I’m also really loving 1989 by good old Taylor Swift. I’m personally like a closet Taylor fan. I don’t rant and rave about her but I do really like her music, and recently her style has been absolutely amazing.Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 20.58.02
3. And of course in my December music favourites I could not be allowed to leave out some good old Christmas music. But probably my favourite Christmas song of all time is Baby, It’s Cold Outside, and the new Michael Buble and the Idina Menzel version is simply perfection.0

TV Favourites:
1. First off I’ve recently been rewatching my beloved Supernatural and I got Season 5 on DVD for Christmas so I’ve really been into that lately.
2. I’ve also been watching Lost with my mum on our On Demand service and so far we’re upto the end of season 4, and in honesty I’ve have never been more confused in my life. Seriously, what the hell is going on?!

So guys, what have you lot been enjoying this month? Let me know in the comments please, starting to feel a bit lonely here.

Rach xox.